Bearth Volume One: Two Earths, one race for time

Bearth Volume Two: The Grand Separation

Bearth Volume Three: The Gathering L'Olam

Bearth Trilogy: All Three Volumes

"The author carefully weaves a complex narrative, spun from a spool of rich literary fabric. The story flows, spills over its banks, and deepens. Everything leads downstream where the unanticipated would have its moment. You cannot help but sense that this narrative is about real life. Should I call the FBI, or just continue to listen, I wondered. Wanting to know more, I turned up the volume.

"With an insider’s understanding of the metaphysical aspects of the earth changes taking place, the opposing forces of light and dark formulated their battle plans to shape the opportunities for the innocent. Scenes from War of the Worlds flashed before the mind’s eye. Chapter 23 of Book 3 could be the opening scene in a science fiction thriller all by itself. Fantastic. I sat listening, mesmerized.

"While strategies for the coming war were taking shape, I noted passing thoughts arising from the story line: To what degree are our personal sensibilities hard wired to the Lords of existence, and where does inner space begin and outer space end? Are there energetic mediums that facilitate transference between two opposing realities? Throughout history the sinister powers that want to enslave humanity to dark aspirations strategize to rule the forces of light and liberty."
--Dennis Berlin (audiobook listener)