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Volume One: Two Earths, one race for time.

Volume Two: The Grand Division.

Volume Three: The Gathering L'Olam


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    Virtually every ancient civilization records their version of the formation of planet Earth. They also speak of a universal flood. And no matter what age from which these ancient races spoke of their version of the future, they all looked to this day. The twenty-first century was a time when there would be a grand division; a separation of the light from the darkness that would accuse the Earth.

    Modern civilization decries this tradition. Our planet has been accessed by nearly every current society by air travel, high speed internet, and global communications. We can meet and know of other peoples around the globe any time we like. There are fewer secrets and fewer mysteries. That is to say, the pyramids have been studied and those studies are available for everyone to read. The Bermuda Triangle has been filmed from beneath the surface, and those films are available for all to see with unfettered access. The impossible architecture of the Yucatan has been explored and explained from every possible viewpoint, and we are free to make up our own minds how those ancient engineers moved and carved and fitted stones of immovable weight and size without so much as a wheel.

    But there is still a mystery that remains unsolved. Or at least, the data that we have in hand seems to indicate an origin that we cannot accept as a people. It is clear now that we did not crawl forth from some primordial ooze. In all of our studies of fruit flies, bacteria, primates, and fowl throughout the entire process of natural selection, there is not a single example of one species jumping to another. There are no fish that become birds. There are no dogs that become horses. There are no reptiles that develop warm blooded, upright walking bodies.

    The planet Earth is much like the people upon it. There are two races of souls with different energies. There are two Earths as well. The higher Earth had the children of Eve upon it up to the generation of Noah. What many do not know, is that Adam and Lucifer fathered children on that world, which was a higher energy, some call spiritual energy. The lower Earth had generations of man upon it and was made of a lower energy, some call temporal energy.

    During the Flood, these two Earths were merged. Like the human body, merged with a spirit, is two types of energy occupying the same space at the same time, the Earth is made of these two energies occupying the same space in space and time.

    One day, they will come apart, just as the spirit leaves the body when its time in mortality is done. That day is upon us. That day, foreseen by every ancient race, is now. This book is the true story with some characters and some action, but nevertheless true. The characters are representative, but they are real. Every effort has been made to entertain, but also to leave you with the lesson that is true.

    All those races from the book of Genesis are here, once again. The struggle for dominance and control of the creation of man and the Earth is real, and both sides are playing by rules and for keeps. Billions of souls are at stake. Planet Earth is the center battle of the universe, according to the ancient record. The results of this war between light and darkness will affect the entire universe. There is nowhere for you to hide. There is no escape. You chose to be here at this time for a reason. This book will make you aware of that reason again. Hopefully, it will do it before it is too late.